Below is the first portrait I have ever done. Drawing portraits are very fun and don’t take that much time. This one took me 1 hour and 30 mins to complete. What you do is take a picture of someone.  Then you get a sketching pad and then from then on your artistic ability kicks in; and you draw away.  In no time you will have a sketch of someone.  🙂  Don’t get discouraged if it doesn’t turn out right the first time.  Just try again.

My First Portrait

This is my second portrait.  This is a picture of a toddler.  This one was a little harder than my first one.  The hair took a lot longer than the hair in my first one as well.  I also carefully detailed the dress to make sure every detail showed.  The hardest part of this portrait was the mouth, eye and nose.  The bow in the hair was a  bit hard but I finally knocked it out.  Overall I think this picture turned out great!

My Second Portrait

My third portrait is of a man in a book I am reading for Geography.  It is Around the World in 80 Days.  The man’s name is Phileas Fogg and he is a very quiet person; he speak to no one.  I was assigned in school to draw a character sketch of him, so here it is:

My Third Portrait

  1. Wow! You draw really great! Keep up the great work! 🙂

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