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A Quiet Day in the Country

A Quiet Day in the Country


This is a picture I drew for my parent’s Christmas present this past year.  As you can see it is a Winter day and there are millions of birds flying out of the tree.  The inspiration for drawing this came from just watching these amazing creatures in my own backyard. The birds fly in perfect coordination!  I knew that drawing this would make a perfect picture.  As with most pictures you must have a horizon object, the house, trees and water-tower serve as this object.  You also need an eye-stopper; the tree and tire-swing serve this purpose.  This picture took me around 4 hours to draw and was well worth the time!  Comment and tell me what you think about it…any suggestions?


Doodle of the Week #3

This week’s doodle is a very pretty one; well… that is my opinion.

One day I was just messing around with my markers and came up with a little something.  I hope you like it 🙂

Rainbow River

The mixture of the vibrant colors is the thing that really sets off the spark.  When drawing pictures (doodles) like these it is not necessary to be perfect and precise.  As you can see some of the colors are overlapping each other; which is perfectly OK.  Remember there is not a certain way of drawing something…everyone has their OWN taste.  Just because I drew the rainbow one way doesn’t mean you have to.  Just be creative…go with what is best.