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Doodle of the Week #4

This week’s doodle is a little something I whipped up with my markers one day.  These words are definitely antonyms!  In fact they contrast so much that they should not be together; but I drew them together anyway.  Here is the doodle:

The markers gave the affect that the words describe.  For “Hot” I drew orange letters with red heat drops falling and for “Cold” I drew blue letters with ice on top.  Which word do you like better?  Please comment and let me know!

Doodle of the Week #3

This week’s doodle is a very pretty one; well… that is my opinion.

One day I was just messing around with my markers and came up with a little something.  I hope you like it 🙂

Rainbow River

The mixture of the vibrant colors is the thing that really sets off the spark.  When drawing pictures (doodles) like these it is not necessary to be perfect and precise.  As you can see some of the colors are overlapping each other; which is perfectly OK.  Remember there is not a certain way of drawing something…everyone has their OWN taste.  Just because I drew the rainbow one way doesn’t mean you have to.  Just be creative…go with what is best.

Doodle of the Week #2

This little ant is a little doodle I decided to share with you this week.  I hope you like him.  If you will please comment and tell me which doodle of the week you like the most.  Although these little creatures bite they aren’t trying to be mean.  That is their form of protection 🙂

Doodle of the Week #1

Every week on Monday I am going to post a little doodle I have drawn.  This doodle is called “doodle of the week”.  So this is the first doodle;  a lady bug!  For fun I occasionally draw doodles such as this.  Insects are so much fun to draw.  So I hope you enjoy this little doodle.This little critter is one of my favorites along with my sisters.  I just love to watch them crawl all over me.  We just caught one the other day.

Bet You Didn’t Know: Some ladybugs actually bite people which leaves a stinging pain!  (I am glad that has never happened to me!)