Doodle of the Week #4

This week’s doodle is a little something I whipped up with my markers one day.  These words are definitely antonyms!  In fact they contrast so much that they should not be together; but I drew them together anyway.  Here is the doodle:

The markers gave the affect that the words describe.  For “Hot” I drew orange letters with red heat drops falling and for “Cold” I drew blue letters with ice on top.  Which word do you like better?  Please comment and let me know!


About Life Drawn Out

I draw pictures using graphite pencils and markers.

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  1. Cold. . . Brr. . . . It is really cold where I am (at least this morning). I wish it were hot! Great doodle!

  2. I like the colors of the COLD word. Great job!

  3. Had to use my imagination to separate out the words to think which was better, as agree it is the oddest combination! But decided I think both are great, and nearly makes me feel hot or cold! Fabulous drawing and colouring in…wish I could use markers like this.

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