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Christmas is Here!


Merry Christmas to you all, from Life Drawn Out!  It has been a great year and I am looking forward to another great year to come.  I hope all of you are doing well!  Now that it is Christmas, I thought I would share what the true meaning of Christmas is.  2000 years ago, a little child was born into the earth, His name was Jesus.  Out in Bethlehem in a lonely manger lay the savior of the world!  God chose to send His Son in the form of a baby, who had to deal with all of the natural, physical circumstances we do.  God could have chosen to send His Son in the form of a mighty warrior, but no!  God sent His Son as a baby, who later humbled himself and carried a cross for our sins.


So what is Christmas about?  Not filling our shopping carts with toys from Wal-mart, not stuffing ourselves with food, but Christmas is a day to celebrate the birth of this humble baby!  This year we need to remember this.  It’s not like we cannot do the things listed above, but we do not need to emphasize them as the true meaning of Christmas.  Take a look at this: He Gave His Life So We Can Live!


And as promised……THE VEGGIE-TALES CHRISTMAS PICTURE!  These cute little characters have come from the Veggie-tales movie – St. Nicholas.  So drum-roll please…


Veggie-tales Christmas



Children All Over the World

I have recently drawn a picture for an art contest and decided to post it here. The picture is of children holding hands and standing on the Bible.  The contest was formed around Psalm 19; so on the Bible I wrote the beginning verses of Psalm 19.  All of the children in the below picture are of different cultures and they are all united.  This picture reminds me of an organization that my family and I are apart of; Compassion International.  Compassion Int. is an organization that helps children that are in poverty.  This ministry covers many countries and is changing the lives of many children and families in poverty around the world.

In fact, YOU CAN HELP TOO!  If you would like to sponsor a child just go to:   If you feel like you should sponsor a child, feel free to do so and know that it is leading kids to God’s Kingdom.  If you are not financially able to sponsor a child, there is an alternative; you can correspond with a child!  When you correspond with a child you do not have to pay anything, and you can write to a child and bring hope to their future.

This Is Your…

Don’t Miss Out!  Sponsor a Child Today!

Doodle of the Week #4

This week’s doodle is a little something I whipped up with my markers one day.  These words are definitely antonyms!  In fact they contrast so much that they should not be together; but I drew them together anyway.  Here is the doodle:

The markers gave the affect that the words describe.  For “Hot” I drew orange letters with red heat drops falling and for “Cold” I drew blue letters with ice on top.  Which word do you like better?  Please comment and let me know!

Doodle of the Week #3

This week’s doodle is a very pretty one; well… that is my opinion.

One day I was just messing around with my markers and came up with a little something.  I hope you like it 🙂

Rainbow River

The mixture of the vibrant colors is the thing that really sets off the spark.  When drawing pictures (doodles) like these it is not necessary to be perfect and precise.  As you can see some of the colors are overlapping each other; which is perfectly OK.  Remember there is not a certain way of drawing something…everyone has their OWN taste.  Just because I drew the rainbow one way doesn’t mean you have to.  Just be creative…go with what is best.


Today I was just sitting at my drawing desk experimenting and I came up with a little something that I thought was cool! It kind of represents life being drawn out which is the title of my blog. It also represents some times in life when you don’t know what to do and your life is just going in to many directions at one time. Although this can all change if you follow Jesus; he will make your path straight and will make your life brand new! Below is the picture I drew.

To draw this picture I just used a prismacolor permanent marker.  This only took me about 30 minutes to do.  It’s kind of fun looking and I thought I would share it with all of you.  So I hope you enjoy it!  God Bless You!