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When Will it Come?

Day by day I sit here, wondering if TODAY I might get a letter.  Each day most of the kids walk away from the project with huge smiles across their faces because THEY got a letter.  I would like to think that today I would get a letter, but so many times I have been wrong.  When I hear the news of no letter for me, I feel tears rise up within me and I just want to let out a sob.  Why is it that all of the other kids receive letters except me?  Now, every kid at our project has had the joy of receiving at least three letters; I feel happy for them, but deep inside myself covetousness grows.  Do my sponsors even care about me?!

“Rodriguez!  Hurry before you are late!” My mother shouted.

“Yes mama, I am going.”

I gathered my belongings and I walked out the door.  Could there be any chance I would get a letter today?  I hoped and hoped that today would be the first day of many days in which I would receive a letter.  I always heard the other kids read aloud their letters to everyone.  They always read, “You are special.  God loves you and we love you too.”  No one had ever told me that.  I felt something salty go down my cheek and realized that I was crying.  Does anybody love me!?  Off in the distance I saw the project and the kids happily dancing around in circles and holding up little envelopes.   I solemnly walked up to the project door and requested if there was a letter for me.  They shook their head and gestured me to go play with the kids.  My heart sunk, it sunk below my feet.  I walked around the corner of the building and let out all of my tears.  Why did I have to be born here?  Why do the other kids get letters and I do not!  Just then I heard my name.  I ran in the direction of which I heard it from.  I stood there amazed when I saw a teacher at the project holding out an envelope for me.  I snatched it and tore it open.  I read through it time after time and the words I still remember, “We love you so much and God does too.  Do not ever forget that you are special.”  I ran home overjoyed.  My whole life became important, SOMEBODY loved ME! I gave thanks to God for helping me.  That day I will never forget.


–It is very important to write your sponsor child.  It can bring life and joy to their day and even save them from doing many of the terrible things that are surrounding those places.  These kids cannot live without YOUR letters.  If you find yourself not being able to write then you should tell Compassion Int.  and they will find a correspondence sponsor for the child.  Remember, writing to your child can determine whether they live or die at times.


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