Trees?  Yes well… let me explain.  For a school project I had to buy a photo book and identify and collect 45 leaves!  Well now I am finished with putting the leaves in.  Now I just have one page left… a “definition of a tree” page.  Well I just thought…with my new prismacolor markers and everything I should just draw the word trees on the page that I write the definition of a tree on.  Well… it is looking very good and am glad I decided to do it.  Well I guess you want to see it so here it is…..

I think it is just amazing what you can do with prismacolor markers and a little bit of talent! hehe 🙂

I used:

Pencil – to write the letters and draw the tree branch

Sharpie – to outline the letters and tree branch and some other detail

Thin Permanent Marker- to outline the outline of the letters and some small detail

Grass Green Prismacolor Marker- Leaves and the word “TREE”

Dark Brown and Sienna Brown – Tree Branch

Black Colored Pencil – “Tree” shade effect

Talent – Got that talent for drawing from my Dad


About Life Drawn Out

I draw pictures using graphite pencils and markers.

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