Prismacolor Markers!!!

I am so happy to say that recently I have gotten a 48 pack of Prismacolor markers!  I would definitively recommend these markers to anyone who is interested in colored art.  They work so well and the finished product appears to be water colored.  It is so awesome.

Let me tell you the story…

For a long time I wanted to get these markers.  And one morning my dream came true.  Me and my dad were searching for some good markers to do a school project with and just to use for fun.  We searched for a long time on the internet.  My dad previously being an owner of the Prismacolor Markers when he was younger knew what and where to search.  After searching we came to a conclusion that the 24 or 48 pack would be the best deal.  After searching for a couple hours on E bay, Amazon etc.  we ran out to do a couple of things.  While we were driving we had some spare time so we decided to go into Michaels.  (I am glad we did) So we went and looked around for the markers.  We found them at an outrageous price!  Later at home we discovered if we used a coupon we could get the markers at Michaels less  than the markers on Amazon. (plus you know that you are getting the right product if you are actually holding it in the store)  So we rushed to the store before they closed and with coupon in hand we located the markers.  The box said… Empty Display Box!  So we brought the box to the front to see if they had it.  The cashier called the manager.  There was a hopefulness inside of me hoping that they had some in the box.  The manager first checked the lock and key area (since the markers were VERY expensive) THEY WERE NOT THERE!  Then she went to the back to look.  My heart pounded…I really wanted to get those markers.  After waiting what seemed like an hour the manager came back with a box in her hand.  I wanted to scream for joy!  Then we quickly bought them.  We went out to the car and on the way home I opened them and stared at all of the different colors.  I was soooooooooooo… happy to get these markers!


Click Here for the link to the markers I bought

These are the pictures of the markers:


About Life Drawn Out

I draw pictures using graphite pencils and markers.

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