Secret Forest

This last summer I was taking an art class.  I told my instructor what kind of things I liked to draw and we started immediately.  This class was a lot of fun and I learned A LOT!  I drew this landscape picture of a lake, forest, hills, a cabin and beautiful clouds.  My instructor taught me good techniques when drawing real life and not just objects it has really helped me.  Eg: How to make clouds look better.  I am glad I took this and am looking forward to more art classes which will help me improve.

The reflection in the water looks very realistic and was probably one of the hardest parts.  The trees and the clouds add the perfect touch.  Having a problem on deciding what to draw?  Just collect Christmas cards with good pictures on them and then one day just try to copy it and see how well you do.  Practice, practice, practice!

A quick tip:  When drawing more than one of something always have an odd number.  Just like the birds in the air,  I drew 7 of them.  You don’t want to draw an even number of the same kind of thing.  I don’t know why but it just looks better and is a well known tip for better drawings.


About Life Drawn Out

I draw pictures using graphite pencils and markers.

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  1. Hello Grandson! I really like your Life Drawn Out picture! You are quite the budding artist! I also thought your ant and lady bug pictures were very good! As always, I’m very proud of you and your many talents! I love you and so look forward to your coming here for Christmas with your family.
    Mor Mor

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